Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris

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Ali Krieger and Ashlyn Harris

And, ahem, the two right at home. In between grueling soccer games and the never-ending exhaustion of parenthood, Ali and Ashlyn have dedicated their lives to fighting for equality and setting a positive example for LGBTQ+ youth.

Though they’ve been together for a decade, “we didn’t use to post a lot of our relationship online and now, looking back, I’m like, I wish I would have done it sooner because I think it’s really important for young kids to see,” says Ali. “I remember going to an appearance and a young girl told her two moms, ‘Hey, she’s just like our family.’ That brought a tear to my eye because we are doing the right thing and making an impact.”

It’s why they seek out partners like Hertz, a brand celebrating their love story this Mother’s Day (and every day) with a memorable wrapped car for their trip to the beach with Sloane. “As a child, I didn’t have these things. I didn’t open a magazine or see on billboards people like me,” Ashlyn says. “Now we get to show families that same-sex couples can build beautiful families with so much love and joy and happiness. It just sometimes needs to be seen to be real.”

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