Ashley Tisdale Details Hard Breastfeeding Journey

ashley tisdale
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Ashley Tisdale

Three months after giving birth to daughter Jupiter, Ashley Tisdale is sharing another honest glimpse into life as a new mom.

The Disney alum recently penned a first-person essay on the subject for her health and beauty website Frenshe and her details on the experience are relatable AF.

“I wish someone would’ve told me how hard breastfeeding really was,” she wrote. “You see your friends who are new moms feeding their babies make it look so easy. But no one tells you how hard it really is. I think there’s this pressure around the subject of breastfeeding, and that those who do it are the best moms, but that’s not true.”

The 35-year-old star—who shares her daughter with husband Christopher French—explained her journey began on the first day in the hospital when her daughter had trouble latching. The High School Musical actress continued to breastfeed, but admitted it led to both her and Jupiter getting “frustrated.” Once she realized her baby girl preferred to eat from a bottle (when she would pump), Ashley decided it was best to make the switch to formula instead.

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