Assistive Technology

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When does technology become assistive technology?

Any Technology which assists to overcome our disabilities is assistive technology.

Here are some very interesting new assistive technologies being developed.

TactPlus Printer

Braille printer, weighs only 11 pounds, visually impaired can learn and print braille at any time.

Otocon More Hearing aids

Hearing aids use artificial intelligence to assist users in better analyzing the world.

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GoodMaps Explore

This app uses a phone camera and LiDar Sensor to recognize the user’s surroundings and identify where they are on the map, the app then provides the location and description of the environment via the speaker or user headset.

The Mantis Q40

A Bluetooth keyboard with Braille display, based on Apple’s new Braille HID Protocol, the keyboard will also control the apple device, providing easier navigation control.

OrCam Read

For people with mild low vision, reading fatigue, or reading difficulties including dyslexia, it will read the text for you using AI software, it has a built-in speaker or can connect to a Bluetooth device for reading text aloud.

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