Celebrity Beauty Brands

Celebrity Beauty Brands
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Celebrity Beauty Brands

  • The biggest trend in Hollywood is celebrity-owned beauty brands.
  • Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Lori Harvey, and Harry Styles have all launched beauty products in 2021.
  • The trend is only just beginning, with stars like Ciara and Cardi B filing trademarks for their own brands.

Celebrity fragrances were once the move, but now, it feels like everybody who’s anybody has their own bona-fide beauty brand. Selena Gomez? Check. Rihanna? Double check. Pharrell Williams? Check, again. In just the last year alone, over 13 new makeup, skin-care, and hair-care brands popped up under the names of A-listers, and we didn’t even have to bet our entire makeup stash that the trend continued into 2021.
We knew it would be a big year for celebrity brands just five days into the new year, when two celebrities launched their own beauty companies. On Jan. 4, J Lo Beauty, by none other than Jennifer Lopez, hit the market, and that same day, About-Face came completely out of the blue by Halsey.
Of course, it didn’t stop there — additional debut celebrity beauty brands of 2021 have included Pleasing, the nail and skin-care brand from Harry Styles, Know Beauty, a joint brand by Vanessa Hudgens and Madison Beer, and Treslúce Beauty by Becky G, just to name a few. Oh, and stars like Cardi B, Ciara, and Kris Jenner have all filed trademarks for their own beauty brands — they just haven’t announced any additional details.
We’re keeping our ears open and our eyes peeled for hints from our favorite brand-less celebrities. (We’re looking at you, Zendaya.) In the meantime, keep scrolling to study up on the latest celebrity beauty brands of 2021.
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