China banning children from playing online games

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China banning children from playing online games

It looks like China implementing the harshest restrictions on online gaming for children, restricting it to 3 hours per week.

online gaming is a serious problem across the world and caused many accidents and financial losses to parents, apart from financial and mental disorders on children, the social life of children was impacted to a serious level where they stopped interacting with other kids and elders.

We should appreciate this decision in the context of the above, hope this may lead to similar restrictions across the world.

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Video gaming addiction is a serious problem in the world like drug edition.

it impacts the emotional development of both children and growing up kids.

it looks on average more than 25 hours per week online gaming had been noticed across all ages.

where ever the parental control is not established, those kids are impacted much more and causing productivity loss and learning curve dropped in them.

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Guilherme Silveira Dias, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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