Colonial Pipeline Ransomware attack

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Ransomware attack

Colonial Pipeline hack is Pointing towards one of the future warfare scenarios which need not be between nation-states but between hacker groups and Nations.

It looks like The Ransomware attack Targeted to extract money, Experts suspect “DarkSide” is among the suspects.

Ransomware is planted via an ignorant click of a link in an email, usually, the email looks like a genuine email, there are several other ways it can be planted like a compromised insider, inserting infected media into a computer, brute force cracking the password, etc…

Once planted, the Ransomware encrypts data in the computer and shows a message to the user asking for Money or other favors, usually, it might exfiltrate data already and the hacker group uses the data to further threaten the organization or make public the data creating privacy problems for the organization.

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