Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Ecomm Drew Sidora Mothers Day
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Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The best-personalized jewelry finds for Mother’s Day

Drew Sidora gave The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans what they wanted during the Season 13 finale: drama. However, her fellow Housewives weren’t satisfied with Drew’s gift selection for the cast’s Christmas exchange. Drew took the comedic route with her choices, while the other ladies made the most of the $1K spending limit. Drew submitted a wig she had previously worn, a donation to the Humane Society, and a cassette tape with a recorded telephone conversation. Although Drew shared the gift of shade with her co-stars, she’s much more on-point with her Mother’s Day present picks.

The Atlanta Housewife told E!, “My best advice for gift giving is to know the person’s likes and dislikes, if possible when choosing a gift. I like to pick out gifts that are a little unexpected, but a welcomed surprise. It’s always nice to buy something for your mother or auntie, a gift that she wouldn’t buy herself. That’s the best gift of all!”

The mom of three shared, “My favorite part about celebrating Mother’s Day is the universality of honoring motherhood – that is, the struggles, the sacrifices, the joys, the highs and the lows of motherhood is such a shared experience. It’s a special day for women to take a bow for birthing, raising, and/or mentoring another human being on this planet, and leaving an impact on another person’s life. “

She added, “On a personal note, I love celebrating Mother’s Day because it’s so close to my birthday (May 1). So, I feel like I get a double dose of love and pampering from [husband] Ralph [Pittman] and the kids.”

Check out Drew’s Mother’s Day gift guide below to learn more about the skincare products, candles, kitchen tools, and other presents that Drew recommends.

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