Facebook livestream crashed by Daughter

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Facebook Livestream crashed by Daughter

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was faced with unexpected comments as she addressed the nation — not from the opposition, or from an angry citizen, but from her daughter, who interrupted her during a Facebook Livestream.
Ardern was midway through updating viewers on the country’s Covid-19 response when she was disturbed by 3-year-old Neve calling: “Mummy?” “You’re meant to be in bed, darling,” Ardern replied.

“It’s bedtime, darling. Pop back to bed, I’ll see you in a second,” she added.
Watch the video here:

Ardern apologized to the viewers for the interruption and joked: “Well, that was a bedtime fail, wasn’t it,” as she laughed at the camera.

Twitter enables the tabbed option


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