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Favorite Country Music
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Favorite Country Music Dad

In case you didn’t know, Brett Young is crazy about fatherhood.

As the proud dad to 19-month-old daughter Presley Elizabeth, the country singer has found himself falling in love with Disney movies and children’s books all over again. And with another baby girl on the way later this summer, Brett and his wife Taylor Mills Young have a lot to look forward to.

“My favorite thing about being a dad has actually been watching Presley experience the world,” Brett exclusively shared with E! News ahead of Father’s Day weekend. “I feel like I didn’t know how jaded I was becoming with everyday things whether it be nature or a bird flying by. The things you get used to or see so many times like, oh there’s a bird, but she’s like cracking up and chasing it across the sky.”

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The musician added, “Seeing the world through a 1-year-old’s eyes and watching the joy they get from the things I didn’t even realize I was taking for granted.”

That joy and excitement for life can be heard in his new collection of music available now called Weekends Look a Little Different These Days.

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