Future of Cyber Security

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Cyber Security

Cyber Security, We either know about it or do not know it, this is an important part of our security needs, whether you are an individual or a business or a country.

Most of us think that if we install antivirus software on our computers that should take care of our cybersecurity.

However above is not enough, let’s examine the vectors from which we are attacked in the world of the Internet.

The moment you start using your computer or use your mobile, you may be exposed to various kinds of attacks.

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The most simple attack is like you ignorantly click on a link that makes you download malware or adware or a trojan or some other kind of malicious file, most antivirus software can protect you from this kind of attack, however, there always can be a zero-day.

Zero-day means the new malware or adware or trojan is not known to any of the antivirus or security software’s and unfortunately, you are the victim.

Also Zero-day can be an unpatched vulnerability in your computer’s operating system or application you are using.

The vocabulary in the cyber world is scary at times like Ransomware, spyware, etc.

How cyber security looks in the coming years is interesting.

As artificial intelligence and neural networks gain ground, the corresponding threat landscape also will evolve, like robots can be infected with malware that makes them deviate from their pre-programmed behavior.

Malware after being injected into your computer and residing in your computer or mobile will try to learn your behavior or watch your behavior and report back to their command control to plan an appropriate attack against you.

Every country’s National Army will have cybersecurity or attack soldiers who specialize in attacking enemy countries with various tools and malware.

One more interesting fact is the content you watch can control your behavior like purchasing habits or motivate you to buy products unconsciously or change your political preferences, though this cannot be called an attack, however, this is an attack on your privacy, though this happens currently, the future looks more interesting given the advances in cognitive sciences.

Our ability to critically thinking is impacted by the above kind of attacks.

The genetically programmed virus is a scary scenario, though this can be called biological warfare, the concepts of cyber attacks can be implemented like introducing mind-altering Viruses and Bacteria.

Industrial espionage and attacks on critical industries and infrastructure of a country through various kinds of cyber attacks will be a strategy for enemy countries.

As it is a vast subject above is enough food for some thought.

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