Hamish Linklater’s 8 Best Film & TV Shows, Ranked By IMDb

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Hamish Linklater’s 8 Best Film & TV Shows, Ranked By IMDb – Screen Rant

With the acclaim critics have recently given Hamish Linklater, it is time to look back at some of his best films and TV shows, rated by IMDb viewers.
Actor Hamish Linklater has appeared in a multitude of television programs and films so far in his career, and he has received extensive critical acclaim for many of his roles. While he has not had a starring role in every project he has been a part of, Linklater tends to elevate any scene in which he takes part. IMDb features user ratings of his work, and by referencing this site, fans can find some excellent recommendations for some of Hamish Linklater’s best films and television shows.
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Regarding his television appearances, while he has had guest spots on a variety of programs, only shows where Linklater worked on more than half of the episodes will be mentioned. If fans are looking to find more of his work, his films and television shows with the highest ratings are a great place to start.
Hamish Linklater stars alongside Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Christine’s brother, Matthew. Though The New Adventures of Old Christine mainly focuses on the titular character, Matthew has many fun storylines. He has a laid-back personality, which significantly contrasts Christine’s. He serves his comedic role in the show well, partly because of how Matthew and Christine play off each other.
Linklater also has great chemistry with other cast members, which is part of what makes him excellent on the show. As other roles demonstrate, he is a stellar dramatic actor, but his comedic skills should not be understated.
The Crazy Ones centers around an ad agency run by Simon and Sydney Roberts, portrayed by Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar, respectively. Hamish Linklater plays Andrew Keanelly, the art director of the agency. Even acting alongside Williams, one of the most hilarious comedy actors of all time, Linklater gives a fantastic comedic performance on his own.
In addition, Andrew Keanelly is especially enjoyable to watch in his scenes with Sydney. The show only lasted for one season, but it provided some excellent content, much of which was because of Linklater.
Taking place in 1991, Live from Baghdad follows Robert Wiener, a news producer played by Michael Keaton, who works from Baghdad, Iraq, to provide coverage of the events leading up to, and at the beginning of, the Gulf War. He has a crew along with him, whose members cycle out as conflict escalates. Hamish Linklater plays reporter Richard Roth, who becomes part of this crew after their initial assignment.
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Though he does not play as prominent a role in Live from Baghdad as he does in some other films, he nevertheless gives a great performance with the limited time he is on-screen.
Tell Me Your Secrets has only had one season so far, but Hamish Linklater has astonished audiences with his performance. He plays one of the three main characters, John Tyler, who is a former serial predator. He is contacted by another protagonist, Mary Barlow, who is played by Amy Brenneman. She hires him to help find her missing daughter.
To call the character complex would be an understatement, and Linklater plays this complicated character excellently. The role of John Tyler is certainly not the type that he normally plays, but he does a great job at portraying the conflict within the character.


42 tells the story of Jackie Robinson, the first Black man to play Major League Baseball in the modern era, and his struggles in his early career in the sport. Among his teammates on the Brooklyn Dodgers is Ralph Branca, played by Hamish Linklater. Jackie Robinson and Ralph Branca were also close friends in real life.
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The film rightfully and obviously focuses more on Robinson than his teammates, so Branca does not play an exceptionally prominent role in much of the story. However, Linklater is a great addition to the cast, playing off Robinson, portrayed by Chadwick Boseman, very well.
The mini-series that caused Linklater to gain more recent critical acclaim, Midnight Mass features the actor as Father Paul Hill, who some speculate is the real villain of the show. While many actors give fantastic performances, Linklater has received special attention by many for his portrayal of the mysterious preacher.
Though not the main protagonist, Father Paul often steals the show. This is partly due to the strange things that begin to happen on the island as a result of his arrival, but it is also because of the masterful performance by Linklater. The horror mini-series is a departure from much of his other work, but its success shows that this change paid off.
There are many great movies about money, and The Big Short is often considered one of the best. In the mostly biographical film, Linklater plays Porter Collins, who works for FrontPoint Partners under Steve Carell’s Mark Baum. Linklater’s character is a fairly calm one, and he helps to balance out Carell’s character.
He also provides commentary at several points throughout the film that points to flaws in the system with which the film concerns itself. Though some of his lines are funny, others are serious and help the audience to realize the gravity of certain situations.
Legion may have been short-lived, but it was a hit with those who watched it. While the show features one of Aubrey Plaza’s best movie or TV roles, it also showcases Linklater’s talents as Clark Debussy, who is also known as The Interrogator. His character at times serves as an antagonist to the main character.
Working for Division 3, he seeks to study and understand mutants. Linklater excellently portrays the fear of a potential threat to national security, allowing the audience to understand the character’s motives better, even if they do not always agree with his actions.


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