Having a sense of Time

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Having a sense of Time

Famous Scientist Albert Einstein gave the perfect analogy to explain the Sense of Time.
“When you are courting a nice girl an hour seems like a second”
“When you sit on a red-hot cinder a second seems like an hour”
The above answer he gave for the question “What is Relativity?”
The pandemic skewed our sense of time as we spend more hours at home.
Why sense of time increases when we are anxious?
We usually are anxious when we are waiting for something to happen or waiting in a queue.
As we consciously re-check ourselves hence the anxiety or sense of time.
It is an evolutionary trait.


It is inevitable to have boredom or become anxious, Because of some situation.
Luckily we can follow some tricks to have a better experience in those situations.
When you have to wait in a queue for a longer time.
Two best options are carrying a book or conversation with your immediate queue member(some people does not like to talk, be cautious, and have a smiley face)
When you are forced to sit idle for some reason.
Again carry a book or keep a productive hobby to continue work on.
We know most people spend time on Phones nowadays.
However, using the phone to talk to some friends who recently you are not in touch with is a good idea.
Reading more of this might get you into boredom, so stopping here…



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