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Facts about inflation

Facts about Inflation

I believe this should be a topic taught to children from middle school, and everybody should be aware of how it can affect their life in the future.

Obviously, the most affected people are middle-class and poor people.

Below are some facts about inflation.

Facts about inflation
    • Inflation leads to a recession.
    • Inflation caused governments to fall and dictators to take control, which had disastrous consequences for the world, for example, Germany.
    • It erodes the wealth of households like slow poison.
    • Unemployment rates drop before inflation starts.

    See details in the below video.


    Temporal lobes: Interesting fact and case study

    The video below might provide some clues about why some people are more religious.

    Religion plays an essential part in most people’s lives. In addition to strengthening our social skills, it teaches us a few rules and ethics, but for some, it can be overwhelming. For those who wish to understand the underlying brain structures that might cause over-religious behavior. The video below takes a deep dive into this subject.

    In the below video, a case study is presented to explain how “Temporal Lobes” can be participating in invoking more religiosity.

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