Patrick Mahomes Scored the Perfect Teammate

Patrick Mahomes and Brittany Matthews
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Patrick Mahomes Scored the Perfect Teammate

How Patrick Mahomes Scored the Perfect Teammate in Brittany Matthews

First, of course, she has some business to take care of with her own squad.

With their careers cemented, the two had already put down roots in Kansas City’s upscale Mission Hills neighborhood back in 2019, their nearly $2 million, three-bedroom spread “the first home that either of us have ever owned,” Mahomes shared in a Bleacher Report video. “Renting a house wasn’t for us, we wanted our own place.” (Plus that 10-year, $477 million contract extension isn’t going to spend itself.)

Eager to be done with their college-era roots, Mahomes adorably marveled at “just being able to nail stuff into the wall and not have to get, like, sticky tabs—like you can do whatever you want with the home now.”

So they gutted the entire thing, creating a room for Mahomes to house his impressive shoe collection (something he “literally wanted my whole entire life”) and more than enough extra space for a nursery or two. “We’re tryin’ to be here for a long, long time,” he explained of their adopted city. “That was the biggest thing of getting the house is we plan on being here for 20 years-plus.”


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