How the world will be after 50 years

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How the world will be

Based on current news stories on Environment, some coastal areas in the world might have been flooded by the ocean thus some cities might be lesser in size.

More advances in medical science can help in increase the average life period of humans, however, it looks technology is not helping in changing people’s lifestyle to a naturally evolved lifestyle of humans over the ages, though new gadgets are being developed for better monitoring, it is still confusing a lot of people why we don’t have non-invasive monitoring techniques for monitoring insulin levels.

More people will be moved towards atheism as education reaches more people in the world, however simultaneously some countries will have more poverty due to religion unless the world takes strong action on false beliefs and ancient stringent religious rules.

Cyber security will be a major security concern other than physical security to the world, new security threats for AI and Space technologies will evolve.

Religions that cannot evolve to the modern needs will make more people go into poverty, I believe this factor is being ignored by some countries and get into trouble.

Countries that cannot rapidly change their laws in proportion to the changes in technology, sociodynamics of that country, promoting rational behavior, will be falling behind the countries which are doing this.

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