Hulk Hogan Relives His Iconic WrestleMania Match With André the Giant

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An iconic WrestleMania moment.

We’re, of course, talking about Hulk Hogan‘s face off against André the Giant at WrestleMania III. And, in an exclusive chat with E! News, Hulk (born Terry Bollea) revealed just how important that match was in wrestling history.

As WWE fans well know, the 1987 match is now considered a pinnacle moment for the wrestling industry. Why? Well, the match featured the then World Heavyweight Champion taking on the over seven-foot tall performer in front of a record-breaking audience. So, it’s no wonder Hulk remembers the duel like it was yesterday.

“You know, WrestleMania I turned out OK, WrestleMania II turned out OK. None of us lost our houses or our investments, even though we bet the farm on everything to work,” Hulk recalled to E! News. “But, when WrestleMania III came along, we had rented the building, the Silverdome, and they called us.”

Per Hulk, they were encouraged to cancel WrestleMania III as the date was sandwiched in between two other high-profile events.

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