I (22F) suddenly can’t stand my roommate/best friend (21F) of 2 years

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I (22F) suddenly can’t stand my roommate/best friend (21F) of 2 years

My best friend and I have lived together for two years (last year with more people, this year in an apartment just the two of us). She is my favorite person in the world and up until a few weeks ago, i seldom got annoyed at her. However lately, i can’t stand her. I am naturally very introverted and although she doesn’t go out much, she could be in the company of others all the time and be happy. I on the other hand am very introverted and only have so much energy to give. This used to not be a problem at all. She would do her own thing and i could come into her room and hangout if i wanted to but there was no pressure. However a couple weeks ago this shifted (i am changing a bit— stopped smoking 3 weeks ago and am trying to better myself) and it seems now she is hyperattuned to everything i do. She looks at me every time i walk past her room even to go to the bathroom or get water, trying to engage in conversation and hangout. I feel the constant pressure to talk to her or if i leave, tell her where i’m going. it feels really suffocating. I don’t want to spend any time with her anymore. I feel like i need to protect myself from her? it sucks because she’s my best friend and i don’t want to resent her but alas i do. Should i confront her and tell her I feel suffocated? I tried to explain being introverted to her before but she doesn’t understand and thinks i just need more alone time than her and not that interacting with anyone (her included) drains me

TL:DR roommate of two year always waiting for me/wanting to hangout and im too introverted/the pressure is suffocating

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