what is an Invisible Tattoo

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Invisible Tattoo

This sensor works like an invisible tattoo revealing changes of substances in the blood by color change.(Credit: Nanobiotechnology Group, JGU Department of Chemistry)

Porous Hydrogel containing Gold nanoparticles implanted under the skin and used as medical sensors.

Scientists at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz (JGU) developed a novel type of implantable sensor, the nanogold implanted under the skin, it reports the changes in drug concentrations by changing its color.

In their study published in Nano Letters, JGU researchers implanted their gold nanoparticle sensors under the skin of hairless rats.

Color changes in these sensors correlated to various doses of anti-biotic given to the rats.

There is a huge potential for this to work as long-lasting implantable medical sensors.

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