Jungkook,RM,and Suga reveal they are working on a new song

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Jungkook, RM and Suga reveal they are working on a new song; leave ARMY excited

Recently, the South Korean pop band boys have teased their fans with their new album during the fourth episode of their variety show In The Soop 2 that aired on Friday. In the episode, the Bangtan boys were seen talking about their new song and working on the same. Also Read – BTS member Jungkook’s cute bond with his pawsome friend Bam changes ARMY’s opinion about Dobermans
In the episode, Suga asked Jungkook to join him at a trailer parked outside their mansion as they had to work on their new song. The rapper had transformed the vehicle into a mini-studio and it is the place where the two work together on their songs. Suga told Jungkook, “Don’t feel too pressured. We just need the chorus.” He even cheered him and said, “JK melody.” Jungkook replied, “It’s my first time writing something in nature.” “It’s great. You can get so inspired here. I wrote so much on In The Soop,” Suga replied. Also, Read – Eternals director Chloe Zhao REVEALS why she chose BTS’ Jimin And V’s track ‘Friends’ for the latest MCU flick
The two discussed their track together and later Suga gave some space to Jungkook while he went outside to enjoy in rain. Later, he was joined by RM and played one of his creations in front of him. “Don’t you think this style would be good? It’s trendy,” said before the audio was switched off. “But we don’t have many performance songs. I think we need some more,” Suga told RM after playing the track. Also, Read – Trending Hollywood news today: BTS’ Jungkook impresses ARMY with his cover of Harry Styles’ Falling, Gigi Hadid, and Zayn Malik break up, and more



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