Learn Python in a few hours truthful

Learn python
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Learn Python

It is incorrect to assume you can become an expert in any programming language in a few hours.

However to learn the basics of it and get started you need a few hours.

Students sometimes do not know where to start

Here below some resources which can help you get started with

Codecademy Training page

Python official documentation

Rather than giving you more details to make it more complex, please start with the above to get a start.

After completion of the above course, think about a practical problem or a project which you can work on it productively to accomplish either a work goal or learning objective and use python to accomplish that, I am sure during this process you will learn more and makes you learn python more.

Basics you need to have some understanding

Operating system fundamentals

Boolean logic, Fundamentals of set theory, and boolean algebra.

Difference between compilers interpreters and assemblers

Number systems like binary, Hex, decimal

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