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God Father

God Father Movie What No One Tells You

If you are searching for God Father Movie online, chances are that you will get results from google for an Indian movie that is going to be released on 10/05/2022, don’t get surprised by this, this movie is not at all like the Hollywood Movie Godfather, however, this movie has an equivalent story with a shorter duration, this movie is a remake of another Indian movie called Lucifer.

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Why crime attracts Adrenaline

Truth Why crime attracts more viewers?

Why crime attracts more viewers and readers? is this a myth or in reality true?

  • A simple reason could be “More Adrenaline generated by the brain when you watch crime movies or TV shows or Read”, people crave adrenaline in different ways, like driving bikes, car racing, and other speed sports.
  • Another reason could be is, it triggers our natural instinct to survive, making it more engaging.
  • Curiosity is a fundamental trait humans have, crime movies or serials make you feel more curious, and crime shows keep us engaged by stimulating our minds.


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Undoubtedly Red Carpet Fashion Looks

Undoubtedly Red Carpet Fashion Looks

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for the most fashionable show in New York City.

After much anticipation—and a yearlong delay because of the coronavirus pandemic—the 2021 Met Gala was held on Sept. 13 with Hollywood’s biggest stars showing up and showing out for a safe and fabulous event.

While the guest list may have been smaller to keep up with safety protocols, many of your favorite actors, singers, athletes and red carpet pros attended the star-studded event.

For starters, Timothée ChalametBillie Eilish, poet Amanda Gorman and tennis star Naomi Osaka served as the event’s co-chairs, while designer and filmmaker Tom Ford, Instagram head Adam Mosseri and Vogue‘s Anna Wintour held the title of honorary chairs.

This year’s theme was a salute to the evolution of American fashion and a celebration for the role of American labels in championing sustainability, diversity and inclusion.

And yes, the Met Gala invitation listed the dress code as “American independence.” With that in mind, many fashion experts predicted lots of American designers, patriotic makeup looks and sparkly sequins. So were they right on the money?

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