Post covid World Politics

Post Covid
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Post covid World Politics

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A Fast Re-bound of developing economies is expected.

Heavy spending from Developed economies is expected.

The vaccine economy and related industries play vital roles in the world.

Health care will be taken more seriously by developing and developed world.

Politics won’t change nor they never changed, it is the common man who has to take care of himself.

Questions expected on governance in the developing world, leading to change of leaders, however, the root cause is corruption, ethics of People, Beurocracy, Politicians need to change at the grass-root level for corruption to reduce.

Dynastical politics in the developing world do not provide talented politicians who can serve at grass root levels, and this is not known to most of the people and they blindly vote for these kinds of politicians.

Valuation of Hygiene and Immunity boosting products and companies will be more.

Covid eventually will be a part of life to be cautious about all the time.

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