Prank Encounters Is Back: See the Scares in Store for Season 2

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Prank Encounters is back just in time for April Fools’ Day.

On Thursday, March 4, Netflix released an all-new trailer for season two of the Gaten Matarazzo-hosted prank show, Prank Encounters. For those unfamiliar with the show, Netflix described the series as a “terrifying and hilarious prank show” that “takes two complete strangers on the surprise ride of a lifetime.”

And, from what we can see in the new trailer below, season two will be chock-full of supernatural and unexpected moments. In fact, the just-released footage opened up with two unwitting participants facing a man with a mysterious bite.

The confused contestants are warned, “The next 15 minutes are extremely critical for his health.”

Before long, zombie-like creatures, spiders and more leave the pair petrified. “What’s going on?” the Stranger Things star asks the group before revealing, “You’re on my show, Prank Encounters.”

Matarazzo explained in a voiceover, “These two unsuspecting targets have never met, and they have no idea everyone they’re about to meet are all actors and everything they do will be caught on hidden cameras.”


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