What is Quantum Entanglement

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Quantum Entanglement

When We create Entangled particles, their states can be correlated even though they are apart from each other at any distance. like if one particle is in one state, the other particle will be predictably in an opposite state.

Do not misunderstand this as some kind of communication happens between these particles, however, it will look like they are communicating with each other but it is not.

How does Entanglement occur?

when a pair of particles such as photons interact physically entanglement occurs.

Quantum computing involves using the concepts of Superposition, Quantum Entanglement, Quantum Interface.

How we will be able to use quantum computing to solve problems.

Quantum Computers to solve problems in Cryptography, Search, Simulation, Machine learning.

As per Microsoft Article, Quantum computers need not be faster than existing computers, however, they will be highly efficient in solving problems with fewer data and more complexity.


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