Recent important events in the world

Recent important events
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Recent important events

As you all read the news every day from different websites with different opinions and expert analysis, we know several questions pop up in our minds while reading these articles or news, here are some questions for a common man which he might encounter himself.

Why religion is still taught in this world in the wrong way causing more ignorance and violence?

If the world can take collective action on only one above item, a lot of the world’s problems will be resolved over the period.

it is better late than never, the world as a whole should have one unified curriculum for all countries for school education, can be tailored to each country, however, every country needs to be submitted to an audit of their curriculum to eliminate the false beliefs and irrational religious texts to be preached or taught to children and students.

We know the above suggestion is not a practical one, however, the UNSC is obligated to do this kind of action to make the world a better place.

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