Recent Interesting news items

Recent Interesting news items
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Interesting news items

We have enough news channels to cover our daily news from all over the world, here below some more.

An isolated Bolivian tribe has the healthiest brains and hearts on Earth.

Seven Baby Tasmanian devils were just born on the Australian Mainland for the first time in 3000 years.

Shrunken head used as a prop in a 1970s comedy Turned out to be the real head of an Amazon warrior.

1933 Double Eagle Just became the most expensive coin in the world

Head Nun was caught stealing over $800,000 from the catholic elementary school where she worked.

Two New ancient species of Cockroach were found trapped in amber in a Myanmar cave.

Interesting statement by Pope

It’s better to be an Atheist than a hypocritical Christian.

Woman faces felony charges for forgetting to return “Sabrina the teenage witch” VHS tape 20 years ago.

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