Serial Killer Ted Bundy

    Most Famous 7 serial killers

    Serial killers are people who murder three or more people. Usually in a series of killings over a period of time, with a cooling-off period between each murder. Serial killers are often motivated by psychological gratification, thrill, power, or sexual satisfaction. Some of the most famous serial killers in recent history are: Ted Bundy: An…

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    CTE chronic traumatic encephalopathy

      The CTE Connection: Clues to Cold Cases?

      Possible excerpt: Got chills thinking about how science can help solve unsolved crimes? Well, here’s another exciting possibility: the CTE connection. No, we’re not talking about the degenerative brain disease associated with repeated head trauma in athletes. We’re talking about the chemical tracing element, a tool that can reveal hidden clues in old fingerprints, hair, or fibers. By analyzing the isotopic composition of these materials, scientists can determine their geographic origin and link them to potential suspects or locations. Imagine a cold case where the only evidence left is a tiny piece of fabric found on the victim’s body. With CTE analysis, detectives may be able to trace back the fabric to a specific factory or region, and then narrow down the suspects to those with connections to that place. Of course, CTE analysis is not foolproof and may require other corroborating evidence, but it’s a promising avenue for cracking cold cases that have stumped investigators for years. So, who knows, maybe the next breakthrough in forensic science will come from a lab analyzing a tiny sample of CTE. Stay curious, stay optimistic, and stay tuned.

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