The best laptop deals at Walmart

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The best laptop deals at Walmart Black Friday

HP 15.6″ laptop – $379.00
It’s hard to understate how useful laptops are, especially in the modern world where everybody is working from home and some kind of PC is needed. It can also act as a barrier to entry for those who don’t have jobs because of layoffs or just starting out their careers, so it can be difficult to drop a bunch of money on something like a laptop.
Thankfully, Walmart has your back with some great laptop deals during this black Friday that shouldn’t put too much of a dent in your pocket.
HP Intel Core i5 Laptop – $379
The most expensive offering today is still a pretty nicely priced i5 laptop from HP. It has a 15.6” screen, the aforementioned i5 CPU, 8 GBs of ram, and respectable internal storage of 256Gbs. Its screen is also Full HD, so you can still watch movies and take it with you to use as a daily driver besides work.
Its graphics comes from Intel Iris Xe Graphics, which while not necessarily able to run a bunch of modern games, it might let you get away with a couple of lighter ones.
HP Intel Core i3 Laptop – $279
While slightly less powerful than the previous entrant, this one’s still a pretty strong laptop for day-to-day use, including work-from-home. 
It has pretty much the same exact specs, with the main difference being the cheaper i3 CPU and the fact that it has Intel UHD graphics, rather than Iris Xe. That means that you’ll probably struggle to play most games, although again, there are some older and newer games that might work with it, so it’s best to check what their minimum recommendations are if you plan to game on this laptop. 
HP X360 Chromebook – $179
Of course, if your biggest interest is just getting online so that you can do WFH, or research, then going for a Chromebook is a good alternative, especially since it’s cheaper. 
It has 8GBs of ram, and 64Gigs of storage, both of which are more than enough for day-to-day use without struggling. You’ll also find Intel UHD graphics inside, so don’t expect to be playing the latest AAA games, although movies should run absolutely smoothly. 
Samsung Chromebook 4 – $87
The final entrant on the list is Samsung’s Chrome book which comes in at a mindbogglingly low amount of $87. This is the perfect device if you must get a device to get online but are a bit short on cash. 
With 4GBs of Ram, 32GBs of internal memory, and an Intel Celeron N4000, this might start to struggle a bit on day-to-day computing use. Still, the 11.6” screen and Intel UHD 600 graphics card means you can watch movies, stream, and do all the important stuff that usually comes with needing a laptop.
These deals goes live at 7 PM (ET) on Nov. 3 (or 3 PM if you’re a Walmart+ member). Check out our Black Friday and Cyber Monday coverage to score great discounted gifts for everyone on your holiday shopping list.
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