This Instant Pot Is Only $60 on Amazon and Has 150,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Ecomm Instant Pot
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This Instant Pot Is Only $60 on Amazon and Has 150,000+ 5-Star Reviews

Reviewers are raving:

“You can start something cooking in it, and then *walk away*—even leave the house, and it will finish cooking just like you instructed, and be *perfectly done*, and then it will *keep it warm for up to 10 hours*! Not keep cooking it, just *keep it warm*. For up to 10 hours! (I think this is the thing that pressure cooker purists who try to talk people out of getting an Instant Pot, rather than a stovetop pressure cooker, fail to understand. You can’t just walk away from a stovetop pressure cooker after the stuff starts cooking.)”

“One hundred percent worth it. Bought it thinking it may not work—nah. Comes with all the info and accessories you need, used it the first night for frozen fries and came out tasting like a restaurant. You won’t regret it.”

“This is a game changer for those that are short on time due to busy schedules.”

“I can report that this thing is pretty darn amazing. The rice it makes is fabulous. Potatoes are cooked in 15 minutes. We don’t need to soak beans overnight because this thing can cook them right out of the bag. Things that we wouldn’t typically cook because they are time- and effort-intensive are well within reach on a weeknight. We are converts.”


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