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Travel Essentials

Travel is back. I’m all here for it,” Hannah Ann Sluss declared during a recent Amazon Live session. That is a sentiment that many of us agree with. It’s so exciting to have fun plans on the calendar again, but, travel also means packing, which isn’t the most fun task. Thankfully, the Bachelor Nation fan favorite has a go-to packing list that we can all use for guidance. She remarked, “I really want to show you guys the things that I brought and the things that I wish I brought when I was on trip. These are all my travel essentials, whether it’s a car ride or a flight or even if you’re just having a staycation over at your girlfriend’s house, these are must-haves.”

Hannah Ann explained, “Traveling is all about bringing the right products to simplify any hiccups.” That is a mantra that we all need to keep in mind before a trip. Keep on reading to see Hannah Ann’s Amazon must-haves and why she thinks they’re so essential for travel.

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