What channel is Arch Manning on tonight

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What channel is Arch Manning on tonight? How to watch the high school QB phenom

Arch Manning is the third generation of Mannings to have his football games broadcast on national television.
His grandfather, Archie Manning, played quarterback at Ole Miss and was featured in the first national broadcast of a college football game in 1969. Then, 25 years after that, his son Peyton Manning made his broadcast debut while quarterback at Tennessee. Then, 26 years later, Archie’s grandson Arch made his debut on national television when he was shown on ESPN2 in 2020 playing high school football as a sophomore.
The high school football phenom will return to national television Friday, Oct. 22. Here’s how you can tune in.

Arch Manning is one of the classes of 2023 No. 1 football recruits. He is the son of Cooper Manning, meaning his uncles are Peyton and Eli, and his grandfather is Archie. 
The 16-year-old is a junior at Isidore Newman High School in New Orleans. His father and uncles attended the same high school. 
Arch hasn’t decided where he’s going to college, but he has a lot of offers. Alabama, Georgia, Clemson, Texas, Tennessee (where Peyton went), and Mississippi (where Eli and Archie went) have offered Arch a spot on their teams once he graduates. He’s been visiting the schools this year, along with attending some of their football games.
Arch Manning is in the building 👀 #FOXFieldPass pic.twitter.com/U0QzyW17ek

On Friday night at 9 p.m. ET, ESPNU will showcase the matchup between Manning’s Isidore Newman High School and Berkeley Prep out of Tampa. 
Leading up to the football game, ESPNU is showing a whole day’s worth of Manning content, which started at 4:30 a.m. ET. At 9:30, the network will show the 1997 Auburn vs. Tennessee matchup, highlighting Peyton. At 12:30 p.m., it will show the 2002 Nebraska vs. Mississippi game, highlighting Eli. Then, at 2:30, it will show the 1997 Citrus Bowl between Northwestern and Tennessee, once again highlighting Peyton.
Statistics courtesy of MaxPreps
*Through five games
Through five games in 2021, Newman is 4-1. Rushing yards statistics have not been updated on MaxPreps this year.
Arch Manning has 6 TDs in the FIRST HALF 🤯 pic.twitter.com/jkIwrco3QH
In Manning’s first game of 2021 alone, he threw for 257 yards, had three passing touchdowns and one rushing touchdown. All four touchdowns came in the first half. He later beat that when he threw six touchdowns in the first quarter of their fourth game of the season. Newman won that game 70-0.


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