What is it about gossip?

what is it about gossip and god
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What is it about gossip?

In our daily lives, we often talk about neighbors and express our opinions or comments about colleagues, politics, religion, friends, community, etc.

Through this gossip we often learn more about our environment and learn about others, however often this will be biased, this bias influences us in making decisions, though rational thinking requires good mental health and education.

Gossip is a learning tool for our Minds, people utilize it well to fulfill their desires or adjust their behavior and evaluate and make judgments about people, society, friends, and other relevant social issues.

Here below are some of the biggest gossips probably invented by humans and some of below control our daily lives.

Maybe God!!

God is the biggest gossip around the world, All our religious texts are visions of humans. though most of them are useful to lead a moral and ethical life which itself makes them very important, however, the concept of God is in the realm of belief.

Maybe our Reality!!

We will never know our reality is really true or we are a simulation by aliens.

Heaven and Hell!!

Nobody knows whether they exist, but they are useful concepts to keep us in good behavior.


Our mind makes us believe we are eternal all the time and makes us plan for the future all the time, though nothing is wrong with this, and in fact, it is an evolutionary need to make the species survive.

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