When Did Breastfeeding Become Such a Hot-Button Issue?

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When Did Breastfeeding Become Such a Hot-Button Issue?

And then there are those that can’t stop sexualizing a woman’s breasts long enough to let a baby enjoy a meal in peace.

“Oh yeah, for sure,” Roper responded when asked if her DMs still flood with people telling her to cover up each time she posts a nursing photo. “People feel like, ‘Put that away. Nobody wants to see that.’ And I’m like, this is the most natural thing that you can do as a woman. It’s one of the things that our bodies are built for.”

At this point, three kids in, she said, “If anybody throws any kind of shade my way, it doesn’t bother me anymore, especially around breastfeeding.” Though she admitted to being more conservative with Emerson, 9-month-old son Reed recently nursed during a family trip to the O.C. Fair in Costa Mesa, Calif. “I will feed my child, anywhere, any day,” she explained. “Like, if he’s hungry, I’m going to give him the boob. If he needs comfort, he’s going to get the boob. It doesn’t bother me anymore.”

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