Why chip shortage?

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Why chip shortage?

What is a chip?

Answer: Chip is an electronic circuit etched or deposited on a tiny single slice of semiconductor material, this includes a combination of transistors, resistors, and other electronic components.

Major manufacturers of chips are Intel, Samsung, TSMC ( Taiwan semiconductor manufacturing Co), SK Hynix, Broadcom, Qualcomm, and others …

Why Shortage? is this happened in the past?

Shortage usually occurs due to High Demands or delays in manufacturing due to various sociological, environmental, technological, and other factors.

Earliest reported is in 1988 when demand.

In the year 1994, the shortage occurred due to new technologies developed and required changes in manufacturing facilities for cleaner environments.

In the year 2004. Demand for CDMA chips by mobile companies from the USA and India caused the shortage.

In the year 2011 earth quack in Japan caused a shortage of NAND memory and displays.

Now in the year 2021 the shortage occurring due to Corona Pandemic.

The impact of a pandemic on supply chains and logistics coupled with an increase in demand for PCs due to work from home and an increase in online education.

So if you see an increase in car prices, pc prices, or other electronic gadget prices this year, the blame partly goes to chip shortage

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