Woodside teams with US startup

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Woodside teams with US startup to explore solar thermal technology – pv magazine International

Australian oil and gas giant Woodside is partnering with U.S.-based concentrated solar specialist Heliogen to build a 5 MW solar thermal demonstration plant in California. The project will deliver clean energy with nearly 24/7 availability.
Image: Heliogen
From pv magazine Australia
Woodside Energy, a wholly owned subsidiary of Australia’s largest independent dedicated oil and gas company, Woodside Petroleum, has granted Heliogen a limited notice to proceed to begin purchasing key equipment for a 5 MW solar thermal demonstration facility that will use the Californian company’s AI-enabled concentrated solar technology.
Woodside said the commercial-scale facility will use advanced computer vision software that precisely aligns an array of mirrors to reflect sunlight to a single target on the top of a solar tower, thereby enabling storage in the form of high-temperature thermal energy.
Heliogen claims its baseline system will provide industrial-grade heat capable of replacing fossil fuels in industrial processes, including the production of cement, steel, and petrochemicals. It will also enable power generation through the addition of thermal energy storage systems, a turbine for power generation, and electrolyzers for green hydrogen production.
Heliogen Chief Executive Bill Gross said the company’s concentrated solar technology hax the potential to transform heavy industry by “turning sunlight into a zero-carbon source of heat, power and hydrogen that is nearly always available … Although costs of large-scale solar are falling, conventional solar technologies are not yet cost-competitive with fossil fuels in most energy markets due to their intermittent availability.”



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