Anirudh Ravichander: Well-Deserved Porche

Anirudh Ravichander gifted with a Porche luxury car

The background score of Jailer Movie is one of the best in recent times in Tamil cinema, which helped the movie a super hit, he was consistent with his music for several movies for some time, and it will help motivate him to do better in coming movies.

His music is not hard on your ears and at the same time does not dilute the emotion in the movie scenes where his background score helps to elevate the scene.

Here are some examples of background music provided by Anirudh

Lokesh Kanagaraj during the ‘Master’ Telugu pre-release event said that he just watched the ‘Master‘ final mix last night, and assured that Anirudh’s background music will take the film to the next level.

Another example is the Movie Ajnata Vaasi, Though the movie became a flop, Anirudh’s Music still rings in your ears in that movie.

Recent movies that will be remembered for his background music are Vikram, Darbaar, Jailer, and many more.

Watch Mr. Kalanithi Maran Present the cheque and Porche

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