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  • Pawan Kalyan Upcoming movies 2024-2025
    Pawan Kalyan upcoming movies The renowned Indian actor has several exciting projects lined up. Here are some of his upcoming movies: These Pawan kalyan upcoming movies are highly anticipated by fans and critics alike due to Pawan Kalyan’s stellar performances … Read more
  • Kalki 2898 AD: A Cinematic Marvel
    Kalki 2898 AD by Nag Ashwin is Expected to be released on June 27 2024, Blending Indian Mythology and Sci-Fi Kalki 2898 AD is an upcoming Indian epic science fiction action film set to release on June 27, 2024. Directed … Read more
  • Upcoming movies 2024 Bollywood
    Upcoming Bollywood movies 2024: Above are few upcoming movies 2024 Bollywood, Many more to come. India’s film industry, commonly referred to as Bollywood, releases more than 1,000 films per year. However, it’s important to note that the Indian film industry … Read more
  • Maharaja: Engaging Action with a Twist
    Maharaja Movie details Maharaja, the recent Tamil action drama starring Vijay Sethupathi, has garnered mixed reviews but seems to be an entertaining watch overall. Here’s a breakdown of the key points: Positives: Overall: Maharaja appears to be an enjoyable action … Read more
  • Darshan Thoogudeepa Arrested
    Kannada superstar Darshan
  • New Horror Movie “The Exorcism” on June 21
    The details for Russell Crowe’s new movie “The Exorcism” are as follows: Here are some of Russell Crowe’s recent movies: Watch the The Exorcism official trailer below
  • Jitendra Kumar: Engineer Turned Actor
    Here’s a rundown on Jitendra Kumar and his career: The Engineer Turned Actor: From Stage to Screen: Web Series and Films: Awards and Recognition: Recent News: Jitendra Kumar’s journey from engineering to becoming a successful actor is an inspiration for … Read more
  • 5 Movie personalities who deserve an Oscar
    There are several talented actors and directors who deserve an Oscar. Despite their remarkable contributions to the film industry, have yet to receive an Oscar. Here are some notable names: 2.Robert Altman: An innovative director, Altman’s work on films like … Read more
  • True story: Recent movies
    Here are a few recent movies based on true story: Hollywood Bollywood Billion Dollar Raja: Upcoming investigative financial drama is inspired by the true story of Galleon Group founder Raj Rajaratnam, his involvement in insider trading, and the prosecution that … Read more
  • Most inspiring celebrity speeches
    Inspiring celebrity speeches have the power to move hearts, ignite change, and leave a lasting impact. Here are some remarkable speeches by influential figures that continue to resonate with audiences: Remember, these inspiring celebrity speeches transcend time and continue to … Read more
  • Ustaad Bhagat Singh release date
    The Telugu movie “Ustaad Bhagat Singh” Important note: This movie is not a biographical film about the historical Bhagat Singh, the Indian revolutionary freedom fighter. It’s a fictional story with a different character named Bhagat Singh.
  • How did Riyan Parag search history leaked?
    Riyan Parag search history wasn’t exactly leaked through hacking or some major privacy breach. It all happened during a live stream on YouTube. Here’s the breakdown: Screenshots from the live stream quickly spread on social media, making the Riyan Parag … Read more
  • Payal Kapadia “All We Imagine As Light”
    Payal Kapadia’s film “All We Imagine As Light” made history at the 2024 Cannes Film Festival. It won the Grand Prix, the second-highest honor at the festival. Here are some other details about the win: “All We Imagine As Light” … Read more
  • Bhaiya ji Manoj Bajpayee revenge drama
    “Bhaiya Ji” is a Hindi movie starring Manoj Bajpayee in the titular role. Here are some key points from various reviews: Please note that these are just summaries of various reviews and the actual enjoyment of the film can be … Read more
  • Furiosa A Mad Max Saga 2024
    Furiosa A Mad Max Saga
  • Anasuya Sengupta Best Actress Cannes
    Anasuya Sengupta Best Actress Cannes
  • Cannes Film Festival: Indian Short Film Wins
    “Sunflowers Were The First Ones To Know” Indian Short Film wins at Cannes Film Festival
  • Mad Movie 2023: May Remind your College Days
    Mad Movie is a 2023 Indian Telugu-language coming-of-age comedy-drama film. Since no new movies are in the news right now in Tollywood, let’s discuss about the movie “MAD” Details: Mad Movie Release Date: Mad Movie Reception:
  • Kannappa: Vishnu Manchu’s Epic
    Here are the details about the movie “Kannappa”: Watch the teaser
  • Horror Movie: A Tale of Two Sisters
    Redditt discussion on Korean Horror movie “A Tale of Two Sisters” is a 2003 South Korean psychological horror film directed by Kim Jee-woon. It’s actually based on a Korean folktale titled “Janghwa Hongryeon jeon.” Here’s a quick rundown of the … Read more
  • Puri Jagannadh next movie with Teja Sajja?
    There are conflicting reports about Puri Jagannadh’s next movie and whether Teja Sajja will star in it. So, at this point, it’s unclear whether Puri Jagannadh‘s next movie will feature Teja Sajja. We’ll likely have to wait for an official … Read more
  • Best Indian Celebrity Lehenga
    Beauty is subjective, so there’s no single best Indian celebrity lehenga. However, some lehenga choices by celebrities have been widely admired for their design, craftsmanship, and the way they looked on the wearer. Here are a few that are often … Read more
  • Devara part 1 to invoke your cinematic pleasure
    Devara an upcoming Telugu-language action drama directed by Koratala Siva Features N.T. Rama Rao Jr. in the lead role alongside Saif Ali Khan, Janhvi Kapoor, and Prakash Raj. The film is set in the coastal regions of India. It explores … Read more
  • Rajinikanth New movies 2024-2025
    Rajinikanth isn’t slowing down anytime soon! Here are his latest and upcoming movies: Vettaiyan Trailer
  • 10 Days break Movie theaters
    Single Screen Movie theaters in Telangana took a break For 10 days in May this year (2024) due to several reasons: 450 single screen Movie Theaters are taking break, owners hoped that by taking a break, they could minimize losses … Read more
  • Hindi Telugu and Tamil Movies June 2024
    Hindi Telugu and Tamil movies that are scheduled to be released in June 2024: Bollywood (Hindi): Here are some of the Telugu movies that are scheduled to be released in June 2024: Here are some of the Tamil movies that … Read more
  • Recent 10 Hollywood Movies 2023-2024
    Here are descriptions of 10 Hollywood fictional movies Here are Top 10 Hollywood Oscar winners of all time There isn’t an official ranking system for “best” Oscar winners, but some movies consistently rank highly on critics’ and audience lists. Here … Read more
  • Prasanna Vadanam: Beyond Mainstream
    Here are some reviews of the movie “Prasanna Vadanam” from different sources: These reviews suggest that the movie has been well-received for its unique plot and engaging storytelling. However, some critics felt that the pacing could have been tighter. (1) … Read more
  • Tollywood Gossip in 2024 so far
    Here’s some Tollywood gossip swirling around as of April 28, 2024: It’s important to remember that Tollywood gossip is just speculation, so take it with a grain of salt. But it can be fun to follow along and see what … Read more
  • Tollywood 10 movies in summer 2024
    Tollywood 10 movies that are expected to be released in the summer of 2024: Please note that these dates are subject to change. It’s always a good idea to check the latest updates from official movie websites or trusted sources. … Read more
  • Top 10 Crime Thrillers to Watch in 2024
    Watch for these top 10 crime thrillers in 2024 Since it’s still quite early in 2024, there aren’t any definitive lists for the top 10 crime thrillers yet. However, based on what’s been released and upcoming films generating buzz, here … Read more
  • Top 10 TV shows to watch in 2024
    Here are the top 10 TV shows to watch in 2024 so far Top 10 TV shows based on critics’ reviews and audience buzz: These Top 10 TV Shows should give you a good starting point for finding some great … Read more
  • Emerging products in the world of beauty
    The beauty industry is constantly evolving, with new trends and emerging products all the time. Here’s a glimpse into some of the currently popular products across different categories: Emerging Products Makeup: Emerging Products Skincare: Emerging products Haircare: Emerging products Fragrances: … Read more
  • Family Star Movie will surprise you
    “Family Star” is a romantic family drama film. The plot revolves around “Govardhan”, a middle-class young man who is an architect working for a small company in Hyderabad. He is always burdened with many financial and family issues. Govardhan meets … Read more
  • Gaami Telugu Movie Review
    Gaami Telugu Movie Poster
  • Hanuman vs Guntur Kaaram Sankranti 2024
    Hanuman vs Guntur Kaaram Andhra Sankranti festival started with two movie releases. One is Guntur Kaaram and the other is Hanuman, in the age of information overloading it is not good to judge a movie unless you watch it and … Read more
  • Salaar Movie giving goose bumps to fans
    Details about the movie Salaar Story: The film revolves around a violent gang leader named Saldar (played by Prabhas) who makes a promise to his dying friend to take on other criminal gangs. Reception: The film has received positive reviews … Read more
  • “The Killer” from Netflix Getting Lot of Traction
    “The Killer” from Netflix “The Killer” is a 2023 South Korean action thriller film directed by Choi Jin-seok and starring Lee Jong-gi, Nana, Seo Ye-hwa, and Park Jin-young. The film is about a killer who is ordered to eliminate the … Read more
  • Allu Arjun’s upcoming movies 2023-2025
    Here are the upcoming movies of Allu Arjun in 2023-2025: Please note that the release dates and other details might change as they are subject to the decisions of the filmmakers.
  • Romantic Sports Drama Mr. and Mrs Mahi
    Romantic Sports Drama

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