Darcey Silva No More Disastrous Dating Mistakes!

Darcey Silva: No More Disastrous Dating Mistakes! I Promise!

By at Jan 30, 2023 • Category Darcey Silva
Now that Darcey & Stacey has returned for Season 4, fans are getting a look at Darcey Silva’s life after Georgi.
The two went their separate ways. Now she is in an awkward place, seeing Stacey get her happily ever after with Florian.
Darcey hasn’t given up on love, despite her setbacks.
In fact, she says that her exes and breakups have taught her a lot — and that she’ll be “dating differently” from now on.
Darcey Silva spoke to People about her love life as her reality TV reign continues.
She noted that her exes “are in the past for a reason.”
Darcey is quick to credit her teenage daughters, Aniko and Aspen, for providing her with motivation and with insight.
It’s not just a matter of getting advice and inspiration from her girls, either.
Darcey knows that she has to date better “because they’re going to be dating at some point.”
We should note that the 17- and 15-year-olds went into what might typically be normal dating years just as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. That’s tough.
Darcey affirmed that “I made the right decision for me, for my daughters.”
She expressed that “I want them to see me empowered and strong.”
“And,” Darcey continued, “in a loving, happy, strong relationship.” That is not what she had with Georgi Rusev. Or Tom Brooks. Or Jesse Meester.
As we saw on the premiere, she is open to dating again. But she wants to work on herself before she finds a partner.

“I want to be the best mom I can be,” Darcey stated. “I want to be the best woman I could be.”

Darcey listed: “I want to have the best partner. I want to be in a power couple, and I don’t want anyone to ever dumb me down.” That is very fair.
“I feel so much stronger, I feel more independent, and I love the way that my life is going,” Darcey gushed. That’s great!
“I don’t have any regrets, and I’m really excited [about] what the future holds,” she expressed. And she’s making that clear in Season 4. Apparently, it will go beyond meeting friends of friends.
“I’m going to be dating differently as I’ve never dated before,” Darcey then teased.
“When I decided to choose a matchmaker, I just felt like it was the right time,” she then explained.
Darcey added that working with a matchmaker proved to be “an amazing experience” for her.
That will certainly be interesting to watch play out as the season progresses.
“I feel like coming to Miami and having the past behind me,” Darcey commented. Much of this season takes place in Florida.
“I am really just excited to meet a different caliber of guys,” she explained.
Darcey is hoping to meet a man who is “successful-minded, more my age, and just really understands what I desire and what I deserve.”
“Going through the matchmaker, she’s not only just the matchmaker, but she was also a dating coach as well, which was a great learning experience,” Darcey shared about what viewers may get to see.
She added: “There’s a lot of things that I did know, but it helps refine you a little bit.”
And Darcey shared: “She teaches you a few things, maybe things that you already know.”
“But,” Darcey then continued, “you can just get into your own and make your own way of being more flirtatious.”
She went on: “or having your own sense of style that’s attractive to a man.” Interesting.
”I feel like there’s the right person in the world for me, and only god knows,” Darcey emphasized. “I know I deserve the best, so there’s a lot to choose from. I’ll just say that. It gets a little confusing.”
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