Diamond prices De Beers’ sees a drop

Diamonds and Diamond Prices

Diamond prices, De Beers have recently seen a significant drop Here are some key points: De Beers has decided to stop offering lab-grown diamonds for engagement rings as the man-made alternatives continue to cannibalize demand in one of the company’s most important markets. The price of rough diamonds, particularly those between 2 and 4 carats … Read more

Discover Futures and Options

Futures and Options

Futures and Options

Most people who are a novice to the stock market wonder about what exactly futures and options are, and I bet there is a lot of information on the internet to explain these in detail, here below some useful information to have a quick understanding.

“Futures” in the stock market means you speculate on the price of the stock at a future date and buy or sell accordingly the futures contract.

“Option” is a right to buy or sell a stock on a specific date.

The difference between futures and options is that futures holders are required to take ownership of the asset, and the Options contract holder has an obligation but not mandatory to buy the asset.

Futures are less volatile and options are more volatile.

What are Futures?
What are the Options?

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Truthful Market Forecast

Truthful Market Forecast

Can we get a truthful Market Forecast?

  • Everybody knows that predicting day-to-day market movement is not possible or extremely improbable.
  • Can a long-term forecast be made with precision? Common sense says “No”
  • What could be the reason for this?
  • Generally, there are too many variables because of the non-linear nature of the market.
  • One of the common methods used is MACD, Moving Average Convergence Divergence

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