chatbot ChatGPT

Chatbot: Top 10 AI Chat Open Assistant

A chatbot is a computer program that simulates human conversation through text or voice interactions. Chatbots are often used in customer service applications, where they can answer questions and resolve issues without the need for human intervention. They can also be used for marketing, education, and entertainment. These are powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and…

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HBO Telemarketers

Telemarketers HBO Documentary

Telemarketers is a three-part HBO documentary series that tells the story of two former telemarketers. Sam Lipman-Stern and Pat Pespas, set out to expose the shady practices of the charity fundraising industry. The series is a mix of investigative journalism, dark comedy, and personal redemption story. Lipman-Stern and Pespas are an unlikely pair. Lipman-Stern is…

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