Dipanwita: melodious song and Beautiful sarees

Dipanwita Deka is a famous Assamese singer from Guwahati, Assam, India.

Some of Dipanwita Deka’s popular songs include Morom Lagi Gol Tuk, Tumar Kotha Xudhin sau, Val Loga Loratu, and Misakoi Nokobi.

Assamese music is praised worldwide for its variety of musical genres in Indian music history. The ethnic music of Assam holds the characteristic of a descending scale which makes it different from other folk music of India. The music of Assam tells about the sensations and passion of Assam’s heart.

The music of Assam consists of various genres of folk and modern music, drawing its artistic basis from the history of Assam, Assamese culture, and its ancient traditions.

Some popular Assamese instruments include Pepa, Toka, Gogona, Xutuli, Bahi or bamboo flute, Bin, Bhortal, Khram, Madol, Bihutal, Tokari, Xinga, Khol, Doba, Mridongo, Dogor and Dotara.

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Dipanwita Morom Lagi Gol Tuk
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