Discovering the Versatile Actor Manobala

Manobala is a name that is familiar to anyone who is an ardent fan of Tamil cinema. He has been an integral part of the industry for more than four decades. Manobala is known for his versatility in portraying various roles in films. He has worked as a director, screenwriter, and producer in Tamil cinema. In this article, we will explore the various roles he had played throughout his career.

Manobala died at the age of 69 on May 3, 2023, in Chennai, India

Unveiling the Talented Actor Manobala

Manobala started his career in the Tamil film industry as an assistant director. He worked as an assistant director to K. Balachander in the movie “Aboorva Raagangal.” Later, he became a full-time director and made his directorial debut with the film “Sathriyan” in 1990. However, he is more popular as an actor than a director. He has acted in more than 900 films in Tamil and other languages.

His acting career began with a small role in the movie “Kallukkul Eeram” in 1980. He played the role of a junior artist in that film. He has acted in various roles, such as comedian, villain, character artist, and supporting actor. His comic timing is impeccable, and he is known for his humorous roles. However, he is equally good at playing negative roles and has received critical acclaim for his performances as a villain.

Exploring Manobala’s Range of Roles

Manobala has played a variety of roles in his career. He has portrayed the role of a father, friend, husband, lover, and even a god in some films. He has acted in different genres of films, such as drama, comedy, action, and romance. His versatility as an actor is evident in films like “Annamalai,” “Baasha,” and “Vasool Raja MBBS.”

He also worked as a screenwriter and producer in Tamil cinema. He has written the screenplay for films like “Kutti Puli” and “Hello Naan Pei Pesuren.” He has produced films like “Maan Karate” and “Kutti Puli.” Manobala’s contribution to Tamil cinema is immense.

Manobala is a versatile actor who has given us many memorable performances throughout his career. His contribution to Tamil cinema as an actor, director, producer, and screenwriter is commendable. He continues to be a part of the industry and is still entertaining us with his performances. He is a true gem of Tamil cinema, and his legacy will continue to inspire many budding actors in the future.