The Killer Poster from Netflix

“The Killer” from Netflix Getting Lot of Traction

“The Killer” from Netflix “The Killer” is a 2023 South Korean action thriller film directed by Choi Jin-seok and starring Lee Jong-gi, Nana, Seo Ye-hwa, and Park Jin-young. The film is about a killer who is ordered to eliminate the targets of a powerful criminal organization. However, he soon finds himself caught in a dangerous…

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Rangoli Designs Flower_rangoli_in_diwali

Enjoy Diwali with Popular Rangoli designs

Here are some of the most popular Rangoli designs:–417638565451117094/ No matter what your skill level or taste, there is a rangoli design out there for you. So get creative and start making your own beautiful rangoli designs! Featured Image credit India1277, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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