Youtube controversies revealing new facts

Factual allegations in Youtube controversies get lost with the noise of false allegations.

The controversy “Youtube controversies Naa Anveshana vs Bayya sunny Yadav” in recent times revealed some interesting facts about using smartphones in our daily lives and how they can affect our mental health and well-being.

Betting apps and loan apps are causing havoc in young people’s upbringing and making parents lives harder.

Lack of education in cognitive science is becoming an impediment to protecting young minds.

Remember “There is no free lunch” and there are no shortcuts for success, if you achieve success in shortcut mode then the risk of harm at a later stage is very high.

Another aspect of participating in betting apps is not able to understand the simple concept of “Probability”.

School education has to be added with topics of “Risk, Probability, and cognitive science” at an earlier stage of middle and high school.

Mandatory blockage of the betting apps and loan apps by the government, at least reducing the number of hours of their availability should help.

Unless governments come up with some creative ideas to reduce the usage of betting apps and loan apps, people are going to get sucked into these and suffer causing more losses to productivity and tax money to the government.

it is foolish on the part of governments to think by allowing extensive access to betting apps and loan apps they are going to get more tax revenue.

fact check label has to be mandatory for YouTube and social media posts, this should help clean up the dangerous noise in social media apps.

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