Family Star Movie will surprise you

“Family Star” is a romantic family drama film.

The plot revolves around “Govardhan”, a middle-class young man who is an architect working for a small company in Hyderabad. He is always burdened with many financial and family issues.

Govardhan meets “Indu”, a wealthy entrepreneur who rents the top level of his house. Indu quickly becomes close to Govardhan’s family. Both Govardhan and Indu fall in love.

However, when Govardhan is ready to propose to Indu, he learns that she rented the upper part of his house for her project. Shocked by this, Govardhan slaps her and vows to teach her a lesson. He accepts a position at a large company in New York¹.

After joining the company, Govardhan aka Vijay Devarakonda discovers another shocking twist. This leads to conflicts between Govardhan and Indu. Eventually, they overcome their misunderstandings and reconcile. The movie ends with them getting married.

Now the question of which scene of the movie touches the older generation is worth discussion, the scene where the hero scolds his brother is a common theme on issues with joint families in the older generation. Humans quarrel or suffer because their frontal lobe is developed more than other species causing the emotion “hurt” and creating suffering, we often suffer for simple non-worthy rational created by our minds, and this leads to drama.

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