How did Seema Haider came to India?

Seema Haider is making news in India and Pakistan with a strange love story that is unbelievable.

The PUBG game facilitated the start of a love story in 2019 between Seema Haider and Sachin from Noida India.

A mother of 4 children plays PUBG and comes to India illegally via Dubai then to Nepal, from there to India in May 2023.

She got a lot of fake documents somehow to enter India, which looks like not possible without some powerful background support.

She says she is not very educated, studied till 5th grade it seems, but looks expert in the usage of mobile phones, and laptops, Looks like evidence was destroyed before coming to India, including her phones and laptop.

How she got all her visa documentation completed including for her 4 children is a question.

She is fluent in India’s national language Hindi somehow learned from YouTube and Bollywood.

A story worth making a suspense thriller either a web series or movie.

Let’s hope the Truth will come out after investigative agencies complete their investigation, meanwhile, enough fodder for social media to make gossip.