How many ounces in a cup

Most searched “How many ounces in a cup”

The above question appears to be the most frequently asked on Google. Why is this question asked? And is this real?

Notice the grammar in the question is not right, which means English grammar knowledge is not taught well enough.

Scratching my head over this, not sure why so many people have to have this asked most of the time.

Is this question returning more results than any other word or phrase on Google?

Does it mean, more people ask Google how to measure ingredients when cooking or taking medications?

Or is it the most asked question in school examinations?

There is also the word “kalyan chart”, which also tops the list of Google searches.

Another word is “Cricbuzz” which also tops Google searches.

One more interesting word is “Sarkari result”, also “Satta King”

The above words are definitely searched in India, indicating the level of interest in government jobs and interest in gambling and cricket.

There are several other words like Walmart, weather, and Whatsapp, which make sense.

Something like ounces really does not make sense.

“dollar tree” makes sense and proves that there are a lot of middle and lower classes and I believe tracking this word can be correlated with inflation levels in the economy.

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Foreign domestic helper.