Is Gossip Good or Bad?

Is Gossip Good or Bad?

If you take any human behavior, it has both pros and cons when we do it in the wrong way or excessively.

Similarly too much gossiping is bad or gossiping behind people is bad etc..

However, gossiping is a useful tool to gain information and knowledge about society and the behaviors of different people in society.

Don’t believe anybody claims they never gossiped in their life.

You are bound to indulge in gossiping as it is one of the human traits which helps humans calibrate their behavior and learn to adjust to others in society.

Historic Gossip tells you the social behavior of the society on a macro and micro scale in the past and present.

Gossip is having great potential to raise questions about our society.

In fact, the current social media popularity is driven by gossiping by many people.

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