Jenelle Evans Goes on All-Time Rant

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Jenelle Evans Goes on All-Time Rant, Blasts MTV and “Fake People” … – The Hollywood Gossip

By at Mar 13, 2023 • Category Jenelle Evans
Jenelle Evans has apparently had it.
With pretty much everyone everywhere.
The controversial former Teen Mom cast member ranted and raved via Facebook a few days ago, calling out the network that formerly employed her… as well as a large number of unnamed individuals.
“Can’t stand fake people!” wrote Evans early in her latest diatribe.
“You don’t want to hang out but you want to copy my life, copy pictures I take, copy my OF statuses immediately, and now that I go to the gym you suddenly are starting.”
We don’t know about whom Jenelle is referring here.
“Spy on me from a far [sic] but copy my every move. Fake b***h. Def blocked and staying blocked,” she added.
For whatever reason, Evans then directed her anger to MTV and continued:
“I don’t think I’ll ever have one true friend and I know people offer but I don’t know who to trust anymore.
“Teen Mom/MTV has f**ked up every type of friendship I want to have.”
We’re guessing — and this is merely a guess — that Evans is blaming MTV here for the way she was portrayed on Teen Mom 2 and therefore blaming MTV for making everyone hate.
Evans recently received some amazing news regarding her son, but was in no mood to celebrate it during this lengthy message.
“Everyone’s usually a fan and only friends with me because I am a little more noticeable than others. Always feeling lonely AF,” she also wrote.
It sounds as if Evans lost a friend at some point in the recent past, and it has sent her spiraling.
We just don’t know that former friend might be.
“God forbid her ex is mean to her and I answer my phone,” concluded the mother of three.
“God forbid she wants to hangout.
“I drop everything and plan for her not to show. God forbid her husband tries to save the relationship and all you do is run around.
“It’s sad AF and I guess I shouldn’t be friends with someone like that anyways. Rant over.”
Jenelle slammed Kailyn Lowry just a few weeks ago, but we doubt she’s talking about the Teen Mom 2 star here.
Those two weren’t exactly ever close.
Folks around social media, meanwhile, weren’t exactly sympathetic here to Jenelle’s cause.
One Reddit user, for example, said Evans always thinks she’s the “victim,” while another added:
“My god, how old is she? Take your kids to the park or something.”
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