Kim Kardashian Open to Dating Again!!

Kim Kardashian Open to Dating Again: But PLEASE, No More

By at Mar 06, 2023 • Category Kim Kardashian
Kanye West and Kim Kardashian will always have their children in common. But he is in her past. Thankfully.
Pete Davidson is also in Kim’s past. It was, one assumes, fun while it lasted.
Kim is hoping to put herself back on the market these days.
There is just one twist this time around: she’s not in the market for anyone “famous in Hollywood.” It’s time for something different.
An inside source spoke to People about the 42-year-old influencer, businesswoman, reality TV personality, and mother of four.
Kim Kardashian is currently asking friends to set her up with someone.
And, this time, she is looking for something a little different. Maybe the polar opposite of Ye or Pete. At least in one department.
This time around, the insider dished, Kim “would love to date someone who isn’t famous in Hollywood.”
That could still mean someone famous. A politician, a fellow business mogul.
Kim could even shop overseas as Taylor Swift did.

“Kim hasn’t been dating, but is ready again,” the source shared.

“She took a breather after Pete [Davidson], but she is interested now,” the insider then explained.
Reportedly, part of the reason that she and Pete split was that the once-casual hookup felt like too much, too soon after her divorce.
“She would love to date someone who isn’t famous in Hollywood,” the insider reported.
And the source then specified that “She thinks someone in finance would be perfect.”
To be clear, it’s not that she feels empty and lost without a relationship.
“Kim has a lot of things going on that make her happy,” the insider then strongly emphasized.
But, the source reasoned, “She would love to share it all with a partner too.”
That makes sense! Not everyone wants a relationship, and relationships can take many forms. But Kim clearly knows what works for her — and, hopefully, what doesn’t.
What could have been a weekend fling turned into a nine-month relationship. Allegedly, their respective busy schedules led to them spending too much time apart for things to work. As we noted, some reports suggested other causes.
Of course, while so many people enjoyed talking about Kim and Pete’s romance while it lasted, that feeling was not universal.
Kanye West acted, in many ways, as if he and Kim were still married — long, long after their split.
The same erratic, toxic behavior that drove her to end their marriage only escalated in light of her dating Pete. He did not handle it well.
We don’t know how Kanye will react to Kim’s next relationship.
After last year’s alarmingly pro-Hitler meltdown, Ye has lost some supporters and a lot of business ties. Many hope that the downward spiral was a wakeup call for him over his abhorrent behavior.
But we suspect that many would risk Kanye’s wrath — and worse — to be Kim’s next arm candy. And apparently she’s into finance bros. Who knew?
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